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That sounds like a no brainer doesn't it? As many have discovered, multiplying your client pipeline is easier said than done, or is it? A common mistake in trying to obtain more clients is having a focus that is too broad for the kind of product or service being marketed. Not everyone is interested. Only a portion of people are interested. Just like a pair of binoculars, the general focus is unclear to prospects. Selecting an object and narrowing the focus brings the object into clearer view to clarify the value proposition so people buy your offerings. 

An easier way to think of this method is in terms of your ideal client's demographic. In order to be interested enough in your product or service, what characteristics does your ideal client tend to have? Put these characteristics into a list of: age, geographic area, profession, average income range, education level, hobbies, associations, etc.

Prioritize the list into what key demographics your ideal clients have that makes buying from you a no brainer decision. Using characteristics from past clients can identify the priority. Using your local library can help tremendously with this effort. In the reference section, many libraries have subscriptions to online data bases that indicate how many people in a certain geographic area meet your criteria. This information is useful in knowing where to spend advertising dollars. They also have online data base information to find trade associations which may be another criterion for your ideal client. These data bases are there for your use with a simple library card.

Now that you know the geographic area of where your ideal clients reside, based on their demographics, you can decide what is the most effective way of attracting them. It may be through public speaking events where you offer a presentation of your offerings. It might be through a workshop showcasing your company's offerings through a community adult education center or community college. It could be volunteering for positions at events within your ideal client's professional association in order to network with them. It may also be mailing a newsletter informing your ideal clients of your location and offerings with a discount to incentivize them to contact you. The outreach strategy of choice may be a combination of these methods. Whatever you choose, make it fun and engaging for your prospects in order to grab their attention and get them to contact you.

Quantifying the characteristics your ideal customers have helps you to concentrate your marketing and sales dollars on the people with the highest potential to purchase from you rather than spending resources on those who will be least likely to buy from you, like the shot gun approach.

At the end of the day, marketing and sales is a numbers game, but you can maximize your efforts and resources in quantifying your leads to obtain more clients.

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Quantify To Obtain More Clients

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This article was published on 2010/10/01