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Optimum7 has been in business since 2005, providing valuable SEO services to clients looking to expand their web presence and also looking to protect their reputations. The success and growth of our brand, and the satisfaction of all our clients has led us to believe that the one negative review claiming that we "suck", which is being continuously posted on various sites is the handiwork of a sneaky competitor, disgruntled past employee, but most likely a former client that we are pursuing professionally for breach of contract who is out to damage our hard earned reputation. We do exactly what we say we do; the myriad of rave reviews posted by our clients on our website attests to that.

The problem is that interlopers like this one individual know how the online system works: post something negative in prominent places where users can see it and where other websites go to update their own new content. From there, RSS, WordPress and the blogosphere will take it over and you don't have to lift a finger further to damage your competitor's credibility. It doesn't have to be true … it doesn't have to contain facts … it doesn't need to have supporting evidence … the writer doesn't even have to identify himself. The writer just writes his trash and copies and pastes it in all of the complaint sites he can in a vindictive, egregious attempt to smear Optimum7.

Managing our company's reputation is vital to our business. It cannot be taken for granted that simply because it's not visible enough for you to personally come across it, a fake review out in the blogosphere can hurt you. Take our experience as a vicarious lesson: there's no denying the previously mentioned reviewer is after our market share or is just being vindictive. Since we provide this service to our own clients, luckily we know exactly what important steps to take.

Here's what you can do if you are targeted:

1) Confront the hoax by respond to the negative post directly on the site/ sites it's been posted. Let it be known that you are willing to deal directly with any gripes the author of the post might have with your services. This lets users of these sites know that you are willing to fight for your good name, and counteracts the harmful effects of the scammer's attempt.

2) Ask the website to remove it. They will want to be sure that you are being honest when you say the post is a dishonest attempt to hurt the credibility of your company, so be upfront when you talk to them about why you know it is a fake.

These and other strategies are what we employ for ourselves and our clients, among our many services. Based on the feedback from our actual clients, we're doing a great job.  See our testimonial section or contact us.  We'd be happy to answer your questions and provide any online assistance you may be looking for.

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Optimum7 Sucks

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This article was published on 2010/10/23