Make It Easy For Them To Say Yes

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How easy is it for clients to say yes to what you're offering? How aware are your potential clients of the huge improvements you can make in their lives?

It's up to you to make them aware; to make it easy for them to say yes to your services. Basically it comes down to this: You need to make the intangibles of your business tangible.

Let's say, for example, that you're a healer or a coach. You've helped your clients lose weight, stop smoking, find the love of their life or double their business sales. Your process produced amazing results that literally changed their lives.

If you are able to create these incredible transformations in the lives of your clients, you have to be able to explain what it is that you do. You need to put your process into words so that new prospects are able to wrap their head around what you're offering.

Generally, people can only experience the results of your services after they've tried you. In their minds, they are essentially taking a risk, because they don't know exactly what the benefits are going to be for them until they try your service.

So, it's your job and it's your duty to make the intangible tangible.

How do you go about doing that?

Start by getting good at quantifying and spelling out the benefits of what you offer.

If you're like many people, you may be resistant to this step. You may feel like you're bragging. Or you might resist out of a sense of integrity. Maybe you're worried about making a claim that you can't follow through on. Maybe you feel that just because you helped one client drastically improve, you don't want to assume that you can do the same for everyone.

Well, your that viewpoint is actually hurting you, and it's hurting your potential clients.

Because while you're not willing to make big bold promises or big bold statements, even about the results that you've already delivered for others, sooner or later someone else, who doesn't share your integrity, will.

And all of those potential clients who are confused, looking for help and for solutions, will be seduced and taken in by the cowboy or the charlatan who offers a similar service, but doesn't share your integrity.

While you're sitting on the moral high ground, worrying about whether it's okay to say something, there will be plenty of others perfectly willing to lure in vulnerable people in need of help. Your prospects will fall prey to them, unless you step up.

If you don't, someone else surely will. And it won't be someone with your abilities, values and integrity. It will be someone who is just focused on the money.

So, it's time for you to get in the game. Instead of letting clients feel like they're taking a chance on you, give them what they need to feel confident and assured in their decision. Make your services concrete. Once you spell out exactly what you do, how you do it and how it will benefit them, it will be easy for them to just say "yes."

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Make It Easy For Them To Say Yes

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This article was published on 2010/03/26