How to Keep Your Fitness Clients

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Getting a client is great, but a client for a month is only worth about $150-600 on average, but if you can keep a client for a year or two they can be worth thousands. The problem a lot of trainers and boot camps are having is that clients are leaving faster than new ones are signing up! To keep your clients coming back for workouts and sticking with you for a year or more, look at some of the tips I've outlined below. They are AWESOME for client retention.

- The easiest way to get a client to stay for a longer term is to catch them right at the beginning and get them signed up for a year long contract from day one. Clients may be averse to signing up for a year, but you can try things like having different rates per session depending on the length of the contract they sign---but make sure to JACK the rate up for short term contracts. If you do that, then clients will be more likely to sign a longer contract because it looks so much more feasible than a one month contract they can wiggle out of. You can also give clients the option of backing out of a year contract early if they need to for some reason by paying the difference between the month to month rate and the year long rate. It's an incentive to keep them from walking away from the contract.

- Being nice doesn't hurt either. I know, you're friendly, outgoing, awesome---but have you ever considered giving your client a gift to keep them around? Try giving your client a gift towards the end of their contract. It could be a gift card to a restaurant, a massage session, or some other neat way of showing your appreciation for them. This goes a surprisingly long way in keeping people around.

- Train in groups so that your clients are getting to know other people in the workout and build a social network. That way when they think about cutting out, they aren't just losing your training, but a social group.

- BE POSITIVE! Motivate your clients, call them every now and them to let them know how proud of them you are. Make them feel great about themselves when they are around you, and they will WANT to be around you. If they associate positive feelings about themselves with training with you, they will stick around.

- Push them farther than they would normally push themselves so that they can see results. If they can see difference, they will absolutely keep coming back to you. By giving them results and pushing them you are making them successful and people LOVE to be successful when they try something.

Implement these ideas to see how much longer your clients will stay! It's awesome!

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How to Keep Your Fitness Clients

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This article was published on 2010/03/30