How make a good impression with your clients

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Do you want to know how to keep clients happy and make a good impression at every opportunity? If so, these five tips will help you to build longer-lasting strong relationships.

1. Make their visits to the company extra special - If you have a client that's coming in for a visit, then make sure the office looks great, there's tea, coffee and special biscuits in the board room and plenty of smiling faces in the office.

2. Introduce a dedicated call handling service - If your client never gets the quality time with you on the phone because you're often too busy answering calls that are less important, why not use an outsourced call centre to help you out. They can deal with the non-urgent calls, leaving you more time to speak to the client properly and forge a stronger relationship.

3. Take them for a corporate day out - Whether it's a day at the football, a trip to the races or some quality time on the golf course, there's no doubt that your client will appreciate being given the special treatment. Yes, they'll know why you're doing it, but they won't care if they have a good time.

4. Always meet deadlines - If your client gives you a deadline, always meet it. Or, if possible, get the work done early. It will show how much you understand their pressures and they'll know you are a company that can be relied upon when it counts. The brownie points will stand you in good stead for the future.

5. Go above and beyond the call of duty - Don't just meet the basic expectations of the client, go the extra mile wherever possible. It could be as simple as sending someone down to the car park to meet them when they arrive (with an umbrella if it's raining) or offering to send a member of your team to them to gain more insight, the extra touches will go a long way.

Now you're ready to make a good impression, why not look at hiring that outsourced call centre to take charge of all your inbound call handling needs? Services like these can deal with calls exactly how you brief them, ensuring you always get the calls that matter.

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How make a good impression with your clients

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This article was published on 2010/09/29