Helping a DUI Client Navigate in the Aftermath of a DUI Conviction

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The charge for drinking and driving is upsetting and bears heavy consequences in Washington State. Individuals face a suspension or revoking of their driver’s license and all the complications that go along with that. One of the most natural places for this person to turn is to their DUI lawyer. The lawyer will have familiarity with the laws, how court proceedings should be handled, potential charges and restriction as well as information on ignition interlock devices.


It can be helpful for both parties to have information, resources and referrals close at hand for newly charged or convicted individuals to use during this difficult time. A dedicated lawyer wants to take a holistic approach to helping clients who are facing DUI convictions. And, helping his or her clients move forward to regain full control of their life is extremely important.


Support for Newly Charged or Convicted DUI Drivers

  • Access to the DUI laws of the state of Washington- clients should be able to see the actual statutes and understand what it means in their specific case.
  • Rights under the law- those charged in a criminal case should know what their rights are as they apply specifically to a DUI charge.
  • Court proceedings- help the client understand what will happen, step by step, in the courtroom and possible sentencing.
  • Typical sentencing and restriction- be prepared to discuss common sentencing based on blood alcohol count (BAC) and any prior convictions
  • What to do when license is suspended or revoked- a DUI lawyer will be able to convey information about driving in this circumstance and explain the options to their client.
  • Ignition Interlock Device- Explanation of the Interlock device, how it works and the benefits of driving with such a device.
  • Referrals- maintain a list of reputable installers of the ignition interlock device for clients.
  • Emotional support- Be knowledgeable about local resources, support groups and treatment centers where clients can access help if requested.


Any citizen who has been charged with a DUI is going to need multiple levels of support and information. The DUI lawyer is often the first point of contact and therefore a very valuable person for the newly charged individual. The more support you can offer, the easier it will be for the client to pick up the pieces and return to work quickly. The ability to drive, while monitored by an ignition interlock device, provides safety, and a return to routine which will ultimately help clients and their families.


You can gather information in Washington State from Interlock NorthWest in order to better understand how the process of installation and monitoring works. Sharing this information with clients will complement your role as the professional DUI lawyer and establish expertise.


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Helping a DUI Client Navigate in the Aftermath of a DUI Conviction

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Helping a DUI Client Navigate in the Aftermath of a DUI Conviction

This article was published on 2011/08/27