Get Clients - Become a Specialist to Attract More Clients

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We live in the age of specialists. Business guru Steven Covey calls this the Knowledge Age. Today, topics are becoming very narrow in focus and people need to keep learning in order to stay ahead of the curve.

Clients are very savvy in terms of how they shop for solutions to their problems. Someone with a broad range of knowledge or ability is not as appealing these days as someone with a narrow focus. Specialists are in demand.

Some people have a fear narrowing their in focus. Why? They feel like they are passing up potential business. When in fact, being an expert will bring you more business and allow you to make more.

By narrowing focus you are letting potential clients know how valuable you are. Clients want to work with experts.

Becoming an expert makes marketing take much less effort. Put your business name alongside the area of expertise and clients will begin to see you as the specialist. They will even spread the word for you. "Oh, you need someone who designs newsletters? Here's a person you need to talk to." Everyone loves an expert.

Market your knowledge through writing. Write articles and submit them to Article Directories. Write a blog about your topic. Get interviewed by other people who write about your topic. Become the "go to" person.

Make sure to stay on top of everything that happens with your niche. Things are changing fast in today's world. Stay plugged into new happenings. Subscribe to relevant magazines or newsletters. Create a Google Alert. Offer current clients information on anything new that comes along that you think will help them.

Even when you become an expert in a particular niche, it's still all about client services. Spend time with clients to learn exactly what they need. Then go out and fill that need. Keep track of how clients are doing and offer them new services and tweaks. Great client service goes a long way.

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Get Clients - Become a Specialist to Attract More Clients

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This article was published on 2010/03/29