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The relationship of the client with the call center that they have hired is important in the context of how fruitful their partnership is going to be. When there is some inconsistency in the demands of the client and how much the BPO unit can provide, things begin to deteriorate soon. The ideal partnership is one in which the client and their telemarketing partner work in tandem. There are times when the client may feel like stepping in with some suggestions. If the partnership between them is not healthy, then it can be counted as intrusion. Though the client is paying for the work that is being done, it's a wise idea to allow telemarketing services to have a free rein. The client has to keep in mind that they are on board because of their experience and expertise. It won't make much of a sense if you order them around.

BPO units are experienced in their domain. They handle telemarketing projects on a daily basis. They know and recognize the weak areas and the pitfalls, along with the challenges that a project offers. They also know how to deal with those crises. The client must take into account the suggestions that they are making. It has been noted that the product/service that the client is trying to sell is not up to the market standards in terms of features or price tags. The lead generation team will find it difficult to make sales in that case. If the client understands, they may try to suggest changes in the price or product itself. It's only through mutual symbiosis can they establish a working relationship that holds sufficient promise for the future.

Healthy relationship with the client ensures that the BPO unit can change the track of the telemarketing project without too much of a hassle. Even the best call center planners would admit that there are certain factors about marketing that no one can predict. It may be that the methods were not discussed over the table when the project was being planned. Call centers often run themselves up against a rock when they want to implement certain changes in the modus operandi when they feel necessary. The client needs to trust the telemarketing services skills of the firm they have hired. The client may have their say in terms of budget restrictions, but it's better to leave something at the discretion of the BPO service provider.

A key to maintaining healthy relationship between clients and call centers is to be transparent in dealings. The call center needs to spell out what they can achieve in how much time. The client must not have any illusions about the results that they expect to see. For example, lead generation shows results only after a certain period of time. If the client has this impression that their subscriber base will increase right from Day 1, they will be grossly disappointed and will also doubt the ability of their business partner. This will result in some friction and make things difficult.

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Client Relationship with Call Center

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This article was published on 2010/10/20