Attract Clients With No Certification

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Attract Clients With No Certification

A recurring belief I've heard repeated from many coaches is they want to get certified as a life coach before they attract clients. They think they need credentials before clients will hire them. This is entirely true.

Value beats credentials hands down. Credentials can add to your perceived value, but not replace them. No amount of credentials can cover up the lack of value you don't provide or supersede the massive value you do provide. In the end, clients always buy you.

If clients experience the massive amount of value you provide, the last thing they'll ask for is your credentials. Why? Because your value is your credentials. They've already tasted the transformation power your coaching provides. They don't need to have it verified because they already know. The key to attract clients is to claim the value you have and proclaim it to the world. You make sure that every client experiences the power of what you do and receives value from every interaction with you.

Now don't misunderstand my words. There's still a lot of benefit to getting certified, like practicing your skill set and increasing your knowledge base. But getting certified does not correlate with finding clients. I know lots of certified life coaches who have no clients and no money. If you truly want to get certified, then do it for the skill set you'll get, not because you think it will help you to attract clients.

The truth is that there's this "I'm Not Certified" belief present for many life coaches that is inadvertently used as an avoidance mechanism to not talk with clients directly and to avoid doing the very things that will cause them to attract clients. This belief is also associated with not feeling good enough or feeling like you don't enough. And as a result, you feel like you can't charge for your services, you can't talk to clients and they won't buy from you anyway. So you search for something outside of you, like certification, as a way to prove to yourself that you're good enough. But that won't cover up the fears you feel.

These beliefs are rooted in not trusting yourself and not trusting your value as a life coach. If you want to attract clients and be successful, then you must learn to cultivate that trust in yourself, claim your value and proclaim it to the world. No amount of certification can ever take the place of the infinite value you already have inside of yourself.
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Attract Clients With No Certification

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This article was published on 2010/11/28